Orphans and vulnerable children


The number of children in the world that have lost their mother or father, are parent less, or have been abandoned…now exceeds 143 million. This absolutely staggering number is almost equivalent to one-half of the total population of the United States. Can you imagine if one out of every two children in the western world was a child living on the streets, living in absolute hopelessness and despair?

Chronic disease, bloodshed, horrific natural disasters, severe poverty, famine, unsanitary water sources, restrictive population controls, and society devaluation of female children, have all contributed to this global tragedy of monumental proportions.   
In the past hour… [statistics say]
1,625 children were forced to live on the streets by the death or abuse of an adult
1,667 children under the age of five died from malnutrition and vaccine-preventable diseases
115 children were involved prostitutes
66 children under 15 were infected with HIV
257 children were orphaned because of HIV/AIDS  


DID YOU KNOW THAT Most children are under the age of fifteen and are…????

  • Sleeping on concrete beds and rancid garbage piles every night – streets, sewers, dumps
  • Scavenging amongst human waste and excreta for rotting morsels and scraps to eat
  • Huffing glue and other substances in order to numb the cold, hunger, pain…and shame
  • Prostituting themselves for basic food and shelter.
  • Trafficked and sold into sexual bondage, even at five years old and younger
  • Abused and brutalized by sexual predators, local gangs, corrupt police officers, and slum lords.
  • Victimized by HIV/AIDS-infected men who believe that sleeping with young virgins can cure the disease.
  • Recruited into lives of thievery, smuggling and drug dealing.
  • Abducted to serve as child soldiers or sex slaves of soldiers.
  • Exploited as child laborers or slaves in sweat shops,eating kiosks, bus and taxi parks.
  • Executed by local businessmen and officials who view them as a dirty pests interfering with trade and commerce
  • Sacrificed in occult/witchcraft rituals
  • Robbed of childhood, self esteem, innocence and hope.

Those who are lucky to be in school walk  6miles or more  to reach the nearest school where they can attain free education and go without meals at school for the all day and also do not have access to shoes and so get up being infected by Jiggers which makes them to move in pain.



We do once again introduce to you the above program which is part of the objectives of increasing enrollment and supporting orphans/vulnerable children in schools, basic, legal, nutritional and medical support. We have so far identified over 136 children who need the help most and we have confidence that with your help these children can reach un expected heights in the future and be able to sustain themselves and their families.

We also want to thank our current sponsors of the children for your continued and tireless support for the disadvantaged children in various forms. The challenges are still  increasing due to the high costs and poor standards of living coupled with the increasing number of orphans without any assistance and child-headed families . But while we are assisting these children, we can’t do it in isolation of your support. We are therefore calling for your kind participation in helping these helpless children and their families live a better life by sponsoring or getting them sponsors to meet their Educational, Nutritional, Medical, Legal and Basic support.

It does not need one to be very rich to help a child under Helping hands 4 Africa because we believe that even a cup of water can create a huge smile on a needy child’s face. Child sponsorship allows you to personally connect with a child in need while making a lasting investment in his/her future. Your donation also strengthens your child’s local community, ensuring an extended network of support and a safe environment in which your child can thrive.
You will receive a photo and personal profile of the child you are sponsoring, updates on his/her well being, and notes, drawings or correspondence from your child, at least twice a year. You will also have the opportunity to send notes and small gifts to your child.
Child sponsorship provides more than just short-term hunger relief—it provides total quality of life (improved health, better education, a reduced risk of HIV/AIDS, higher earning potential, etc.) and a brighter future for your sponsored child. You can make a difference in a child's life by providing assistance for the basic living needs of a child.


Below are the areas of sponsoring a child under Helping hands 4 Africa currently.

  • A Child’s meal a day.
  • Educational support including scholastic requirements per child per term (3 months).
  • Basic support like clothing, Bedding, soap, etc per month.
  • Medical support per child per month.
  • Administrative costs per child per month.
  • 1 or more dollars towards a common Basket for supporting the organization in helping those children without sponsors yet which is allowed at any time our supporter may wish.

 However, due to the various income levels of our sponsors/supporters, we do accept Partial sponsorship such as sponsoring a Child in one or more areas listed above.

We shall be very grateful if you become a sponsor or get our children sponsors such that they can also live like other happy children on earth.

Financial management of the children’s funds.

For efficient management of our sponsor’s money, we have resolved that every child who gets a sponsor shall have a personal JUNIOR BANK ACCOUNT opened up in Kenya Commercial Bank or Bank of Africa branch to enable the sponsors deposit whatever little they get because sometimes not all of them are so rich but have got a compassionate heart of helping the needy.  This account shall have two signatories who shall be the caretaker/guardian and a representative from the organization to ensure that the money is properly used and directed towards the cause and also make sure that it benefits the child.

The sponsor shall be receiving receipts of all the expenses, end of school term reports, quarterly child general progress reports and bank statements from the bankers.